For those who are asking why I’m leaving,

Read below.

Both of my parents are depressed, which means most of the responsibility falls on me.

My mother and step-father rely on me to help take care of my three younger siblings, to clean and pick up the house, and to help them while they’re struggling with depression. And since my sister is going to collage, my workload is going to increase by a lot.

School is starting soon, and caught between school and home… I won’t have any time to be on this blog… I’m going to have to put school and my family over Notebook…

I… I…. I just don’t know what to do… I can’t find a way out of this. And since I can’t, that means Notebook will have to go or be put in limbo.

I’m so sorry.



Here is my June the flip calendar cosplay!
The headband started to break ahhhh-
I bought lots of stuff at San Japan! I even saw a paige cosplayer! ;v; There was two people who were a Tony and Notepad but they had changed when I got there ;A; (curse you hospital) They wished they stayed as Tony and Notepad though so they could have me as their daughter! ;;w;;
The design for June rightfully belongs to beansofyuki! I hope you like my cosplay Senpai! ;;;w;;; I’ll also be at San Japan on Sunday! If any of you saw me, tell me!